How to get to Calma Suites

We give you step by step directions to enter our apartment from the moment you arrive in front of the building.

1. Parking

For the car you have your reserved parking space available in the building garage. While you collect the keys to access the house and bring your luggage upstairs, you can leave your car next to the front of the building (as long as it does not interrupt the flow of traffic).

2. Keys box location

At the main entrance of the building, on the right side, you will find the mailboxes. Open the mailbox marked "Calma Suites" corresponding to the number of your assigned flat (they are not locked).

How to open the box (Step 1)

Find in the notification we have sent you the number of the apartment that corresponds to your stay and its 4-digit combination.

How to open the box (Step 2)

After setting the combination, lower the lever on the left. The box with open.

The keys

The key ring consists of 4 keys: front door key + interior gate key (2) + flat key + garage pedestrian access key. Once you have your keys, please close the box again and remove the combination.

3. Entering the garage

Access is sometimes open. If not, you have the remote inside the apartment. The ramp leading down to the garage is circular, so be careful when entering the garage to avoid scratching your car. If your car is very large and/or you are not familiar with its dimensions (e.g. rental car) we recommend that you park on the street.

4. The hall

Both apartments (7 and 8) are inside the "Portal 2". Access the portal from the garden terrace.

5. Apartments location

You will see the sign on the Portal door.

6. The apartments

Both apartments are located on the top floor of Portal 2.

Calma Suites Agulo La Gomera -Open-air concept


On the day of your check-out you can leave the keys inside the apartment, on top of the kitchen table.

See Information Dossier

Welcome to Calma Suites!

We hope you were able to get to the accommodation and your flat smoothly. If you have any questions or queries, we are at your disposal by phone, WhatsApp or Signal at any time.

Tel / WhatsApp: +34 922 880 781