Who can visit The Canary Islands?

Any Spanish resident (if not confined to his/her region), anyone from the European Union, from a country in the Schengen area or from this list of third-party countries with specific agreements: Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Georgia, New Zealand, Rwand, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

As per Spanish national regulations, all travellers over 6 years old arriving from a risk area will have to undergo a PCR, TMA or RT-LAMP test before arrival to The Canary Islands (max. 72 hours before arrival).

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RadarCOVID App

Authorities recommend downloading the app Radar Covid.


Health control form (FCS)

Are you arriving from abroad? You must complete and sign this form before you travel to Canary Islands. You will get a QR code you must take with you (printed or digital).

Visit Spain Travel Health

New Anti-COVID regulation "Safe Canary Islands"

If you are traveling from outside The Canary Islands

If by the time you arrive at the accommodation you have been on the islands for less than 15 days, you must take an official TMA, RT-LAMP, PCR or antigen test within the last 72 hours before your arrival to the islands (all travellers over 6 years old).

If you have been on the islands 15 days or more

If you have not had any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 during these 15 days, you must fill in and sign a responsible statement that you can download here. You will also need to show proof of your arrival or residence on the islands (ID, plane ticket...).

Declaration form

Your test

Printed or digital, the test certificate must specify the time and date, the identity of the holder, the laboratory that prepared it, the type of test performed and the negative result. PCR, TMA, RT-LAMP or Antigens tests are allowed for checking in.

Before arrival

In order to check-in to our villas, guests must send the certificate or responsible statement + IDs prior to arrival at our accommodations via email to hola@lagomera.apartments.

Labs on La Gomera

If you need to take the test on arrival or for the return journey, these are the laboratories available in San Sebastian de La Gomera:

Divina Creus Pharmacy Lab

Quick antigen test for 30€/person. Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 11:00h. More info and appointments on (+34) 922 14 16 05.

LGS Megalabs

Quick test for 25 euros/person. Schedule: Monday to Friday 11:00 - 13:00h. More info and appointments on (+34) 922 141 087 / rosa.medina@lgs-analisis.es

All your doubts, answered

If you still have doubts, you can contact us or visit the official tourism page of the Canary Islands with all the information about the Coronavirus and your trip:

Official website

Mask wearing on the islands

Current mask wearing requirements are very strict on all the Spanish territory, you must wear your mask anytime you are outside your apartment or room, except in the following cases:

Swimming or sunbathing

Swimming is one of the few exceptions. While in the water, keep your distances. Sunbathing while staying on your towel or lounger is also a mask-free activity.

Eating or drinking

Of course, you will be able to remove your mask to eat or drink, but you must do so while seated, never walking or moving around.

In nature

While around Garajonay National Park or anywhere outside the villages, you are allowed to take your mask off. Once more, keep it close in case you need to put it back on while meeting another visitor.

Inside your car

If it is only you and your roommates, you can remove your mask while inside the car. Watch out! It is mandatory otherwise.