There is no virus worse than disinformation

The whole world seems to have been shocked by the spread of the Coronavirus. We know how difficult it is to stay calm when you are flooded with information, some of it contradictory. Here we offer true and updated information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

About COVID-19

Information about the virus, its symptoms and characteristics.


Its detection, how to avoid transmission and procedures for any incident.

Modifications and cancellations

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation? Cancellation and modification policies on our accommodations.

Modifications and cancellations

Our period for free modifications and/or cancellations varies depending on the accommodation. Check the one that applies on your reservation. Currently, as the declared State of Emergency limits travel within Spain, we are applying the following policies:

Cancel your reservation free of cost

If your reservation is within the 14th and 29th of March, you can cancel it for free. You can cancel directly via Los Telares o through the website / agency you booked with.

New cancellation policies

We know a lot of people are itching for some holidays after all this drama. We have created in all our lodgings new reservation rates, from extra flexible to non refundable. Pick the one that suits you better!

About the virus

Whats is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus 2019 disease (COVID-19) is a respiratory condition that can spread between persons. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a new coronavirus that was first identified during the investigation of an outbreak in Wuhan, China.

When do symptoms appear?

The incubation period is about 14 days. This means that if you develop the Coronavirus during your trip you have most likely “imported” it.

Is it a "deadly" virus?

It is currently estimated to have a mortality rate of 0.7% outside China, focusing on the elderly and sick people. That is 7 out of every 1000 infected. However, the numbers do not take into account people who have not been tested, so it will be lower.

What is the treatment?

Like any other flu, antibiotics are neither necessary nor effective. Instead, the symptoms are addressed. In very serious cases, treatments have been carried out that work by strengthening the patient’s defences with a degree of success. As it is in a containment phase, the most important thing is the isolation of the patient. BTW, in Spain health care is free, so you won’t be getting a bill later on. Some research seems to prove a cure might be close.

Take your precautions

The good news is that it is only necessary to be aware of a series of habits that will help us avoid being a source of contagion or contagion. And if you are on a containment area, remember #istayathome is the best policy to safeguard others.

Precautions for a safe trip


Hands have proven to be important in the spread of diseases, they the usual source of infection. Touching objects with the hands and then taking them to the nose, eyes or mouth is a very common gesture. Let's avoid it. Frequent hand washing with soap or alcohol gel is the best guarantee, but not any hand wash is effective.

Step by step


Due to the current state of Emergency, a series of limitations are in place. Therefore, everybody is recommended to stay as much as possible in the hotel and apartment. Going out is limited to first necessity trips: groceries shopping or pharmacy, for instance.

Protocol of action in accommodations

The most feared case is that, while we are on the lodging, we are forced to a quarantine due to another guests’ sickness. The procedure currently prescribed in the area involves the isolation of the infected person and his or her direct travel companions, and does not affect the rest of the guests.

In our Suites & Villas all of our personnel is taking special hygiene procedures to avoid any type of spread inside the facilities. The procedures include reducing contact points.

Our accommodations are of low risk of contagion, and we explain why:


Each apartment is an independent unit. There are no shared risk facilities, such as buffets. Our breakfast service is a tray that is left in front of the door of each apartment, it does not come into contact with other guests. Our common areas are spacious and allow our guests to maintain the safety distance of 2 meters.

Reduced size

Our accommodations are small in size, nothing like the resorts found in other areas. This greatly reduces the chances of cases and/or contagion.

Avoid the worst contagion: disinformation

To get information about your trip and health insurance, nothing better than looking for information about COVID-19 and the prevention measures that airlines, shipping companies or hotels are publishing and/or sending to their customers.

Don't buy into sci-fi movies

Disinformation, hoaxes, home-made remedies... COVID is a worldwide trending topic, so it is normal that a lot of fake news have been spread about it.

Turn to mainstream media

Trust only official sources and recognized media. Even so, avoid buying into the "scoop" or the "panic mode", even the most serious media are victims of their need to raise viewers (nothing like a good crisis) or disinformation.

Everything in its right proportion

Remember, whether it's 1 or 100 cases, put the numbers in place. Numbers are rising and may sound impressive, but it is – and will remain – a very small percentage of the population.