The Team

The gearwheels of Los Telares is the people who work to be your best hosts for your holidays on the island of La Gomera.

Entrevista a nuestra Directora


Daughter of the founder of Los Telares, she has followed the family tradition. She returned with her family from Tenerife to her hometown to take over the company Los Telares.

Carlos subdirector los telares


Married to Luisa, he gave up his career as a musician and teacher to live in La Gomera. He makes sure that everything is impeccable together with our tireless maintenance department.



Luisa’s daughter, she is our specialist in Social Networks, CRM and Quality. She is extremely busy making sure everything goes perfectly before and after your visit.


Graduated on the Hotel Escuela of Tenerife. He directs the kitchen of our restaurant, where he has made the best use of our farm ingredients with exotic flavours from his trips all around the world. On his free time he travels with his van and his camera in search of the best surf or climbing spots.

We are with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Garajonay National Park

We are working since 1970 in cultural and rural tourism, offering in our apartments the services of a hotel with an excellent value for money. In 2011 that bet was transformed into the adhesion of the apartments and our Ethnographic Park to the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism. Alongside 20 other companies from La Gomera, we are collaborating with the National Park and the Europarc Network to promote sustainable tourism that is in harmony with the unique environment of La Gomera and the Garajonay National Park. The ECST (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism) was also the social engine for the achievement of the Biosphere Reservation of La Gomera. Since 2018 we have also been working with the NGO Canarias Libre de Plásticos, which works to raise awareness of the need to take care of our waters and improve our consumption and habits in order to reduce our impact on the marine environment.

Sustainable Travel

"Plantate" project

We are recovering the thermophilic forest (300-750m height) in deteriorated landscapes of La Gomera with your help. This is how we transform CO2 into oxygen and invest locally.

Your Carbon Footprint

Where are you traveling from? Our calculator allows you to find out how much is your trip's Carbon footprint.


We turn CO2 into Oxigen

And with the Calculator you will find exactly how much you should donate to compensate your flights CO2 footprint.

This is how we do it in our lodgings:

We buy only energy-saving light bulbs and appliances. We encourage our staff and guests to consume responsibly.

We use 100% recycled paper in all our media (even toilet paper). Even so, we print only the essentials.

We reduce packaging. We offer soaps and gels in dispensers. Our breakfast at the aparhotel offers bulk products in reusable packaging.

We encourage longer stays and change towels only on request. That way we save water and soap!

Our fruit and vegetable farm is certified and 100% organic.

We have local suppliers. We recommend " zero fumes " and sustainable routes.

We recover natural landscapes removing non-local species and planting their natural occupants.

Microplastics, the problem we fight against


The word of 2018, according to Greenpeace and Fundéu BBVA, is “MICROPLASTIC”. A problem that is already one of the most serious environmental problems on the planet in the 21st Century.
Los Telares are proud collaborators of the NGO Canarias Libre de Plásticos, a non-profit organization that in just 6 months in the Canary Islands has managed to clean more than 30 beaches, mobilize 600 volunteers, give 40 informative talks and more than 10,000 followers in networks.
Do you want to collaborate? You can request to donate any amount you wish through our reception, we will add it to your reservation and we will send it in its entirety to CLP. In addition, in our networks we publish all the cleanings and activities that are carried out in La Gomera.

The origin of Los Telares on La Gomera as we know it today

The story of Los Telares begins in 1969. On that time, finally, the ferries connecting San Sebastian de La Gomera with the Port of Los Cristianos in Tenerife made round trips on the same day. This allowed the tourists who were staying in Tenerife to visit the island. That year came the first guided tours, busses that traveled the winding Gomeran roads marvelling tourists with the landscapes they discovered behind each hill.

Doña Maruca, despite the lack of institutional support, seeing a superb opportunity to promote the industry’s development, decided to bring together artisans and create the island’s first handicrafts shop.

Picture of our founder, Doña Maruca, in the Exhibition Room of the same name in The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera, PEG Los Telares.

Nuestra Historia

Thus began Los Telares (The Looms in English) in 1970, a store where visitors could see craftswomen weaving on old wooden looms and purchase those same fabrics or any of the other handicrafts available.

But not only did the buses arrive, travel agencies specializing in nature also became interested. This is how the first Apartments Los Telares were created, in collaboration with the German Travel Agency Wikinger Reisen. The aim was to accommodate the groups that came to the island to explore its footpaths.

The rest is history: years of work, of seeing how the visitor’s profile changed, of the boom in rural tourism… 50 years in which, from the germ of an idea and with the effort of a family, it has been possible to achieve what the Los Telares family is today.

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