La Gomera is unique, The last virgin frontier of Europe.

Hosting one of the world’s eldest forests, the Forest of El Cedro, declared Natural Humankind Patrimony by the UNESCO in 1986, and most of it’s surface also englobed in Garajonay National Park, it’s peaks are of a deep emerald colour that surprises the visitor. It’s terrain of deep valleys, mountains and cliffs makes each spot special. Above all is the singularity of it’s inhabitants that give the island the personality that makes it different from the rest.

Since 2012 La Gomera has been declared Biosphere Reserve, an award recognising the effort of everybody in the island to maintain it’s nature untouched. This way it adds up to the other 5 reservations in the Canary Islands and the 500 scattered around the globe.

A different island offering pure nature: lush forests, steep ravines, impossibly shaped cliffs and villages maintaining their traditional lifestyle and traditional. An island crisscrossed by footpaths, villages and hidden ecological treasures. The island shows the charm of a welcoming land where you can enjoy rural tourism at it’s best.

Discover Garajonay National Park and it’s rainforest, a dreamlike landscape that in the Tertiary stretched all along the mediterranean shoreline, considered today as a living fossil. The respect and love for it’s traditions makes of La Gomera a place for discovery. Only there you can know the “Silbo”, a singular language with which the gomerans solved the problems of the rugged terrain; traditional festivals and a unique cuisine with exclusive dishes such as the watercress soup, the “almogrote” or palm tree syrup.

From the ocean the island will surprise you with it’s virgin coves, it’s dolphins and whales, the virgin ocean beds and “Los Organos” cliff, an spectacular cliff of church organ-like tubes, a volcanic formation seen only twice on nature.

Terrain and Weather

An extreme territory with a mild weatherFew places in the world can boast La Gomera’s natural beauty and variety. The island contains a wealth of ecological treasures whose value is further increased by the fact that many date back to prehistoric times. Steep and rugged, the island of La Gomera consists of a high, relatively flat area in the centre, the central plateau, with an undulating…

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Turismo Activo en La Gomera

Active Tourism on La Gomera

La Gomera is not only hiking, you will find plenty of activities for your tripLa Gomera has a beautiful landscape that is accessible to all, allowing for a variety of nature activities: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, scuba diving, fishing, etc. You can also take advantage of organised activities and excursions with the various companies involved. Or do you just want to take a map and walk at…

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El Cedro Garajonay

Remote working on La Gomera

Why La Gomera?30min.That is the amount of time you need to get by plane to an international airport (Tenerife North). +/- GMTDon’t suffer arranging your virtual meetings. Change of scene, not of time zone! Fiber-opticFast and reliable internet available in many lodgings. Improve your viewsMountains, forests, green…

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El Cedro Garajonay

Sightseeing by car

Sightseeing around La Gomera with our recommended car routesLa Gomera is a wonderful island to discover on foot, little by little. Paths, hidden corners, beaches and isolated villages that deserve to be enjoyed without haste. But we also know that discovering La Gomera and a few days does not allow for such luxuries. That is why here we offer the 1-day routes to enjoy our most emblematic…

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Hermigua Valley Top 10

The 10 must-have experiences at HermiguaHermigua is one of the towns with more history of La Gomera. Its privileged location, with plentiful rainfall and ravines with water, made it the islands’ most flourishing village for centuries, something that can be appreciated in the earliest buildings in its historic quarter. Download Top 10 MapBelow, the Top 10 of Hermigua, a list of 10…

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El Cedro Parque Nacional de Garajonay

Garajonay National Park

On an island whose scenery never ceases to amaze, Garajonay National Park will take your breath away.Charter for Sustainable Tourism Logo

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Museums and Cultural Visits

Getting in touch with the Gomeran cultureNature, outdoor activities, gastronomy… La Gomera offers a wide variety of choices for the tourist. You can also learn about La Gomera’s culture and identity through the buildings, galleries, traditional shops and museums. La Gomera, due to its isolation, is the island that has best preserved its traditional customs and habits. Rich in nature,…

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Views from our rooms La Gomera

Hiking Routes of Hermigua

Hiking routes to discover Hermigua step by stepA landscape that allowed the creation and use of the Silbo and the Salto del Pastor, is obviously not easy to walk. But it is precisely this challenge that makes La Gomera so attractive to walk along its paths and routes. Closing your apartment’s door and starting the trek of the day without bothering with busses, cars or taxis is a rare…

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Getting to La Gomera

How to get to La Gomera, an easy journey.La Gomera is a small island. It connects with regional flights through its airport (GMZ) with the Canarian Airline Binter Canarias and the port of San Sebastián de La Gomera, its capital. Most of the direct flights and routes connect it with Tenerife. Seen from Europe, the way to the island is via Tenerife South/Reina Sofia Airport (TFS). From here it is…

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Suites & Villas Los Telares

The best holiday homes on the North of La Gomera