La Gomera is unique, The last virgin frontier of Europe.

Hosting one of the world’s eldest forests, the Forest of El Cedro, declared Natural Humankind Patrimony by the UNESCO in 1986, and most of it’s surface also englobed in Garajonay National Park, it’s peaks are of a deep emerald colour that surprises the visitor. It’s terrain of deep valleys, mountains and cliffs makes each spot special. Above all is the singularity of it’s inhabitants that give the island the personality that makes it different from the rest.

Since 2012 La Gomera has been declared Biosphere Reservation, an award recognising the effort of everybody in the island to maintain it’s nature untouched. This way it adds up to the other 5 reservations in the Canary Islands and the 500 scattered around the globe.

A different island offering pure nature: lush forests, steep ravines, impossibly shaped cliffs and villages maintaining their traditional lifestyle and traditional. An island crisscrossed by footpaths, villages and hidden ecological treasures. The island shows the charm of a welcoming land where you can enjoy rural tourism at it’s best.

Discover Garajonay National Park and it’s rainforest, a dreamlike landscape that in the Tertiary stretched all along the mediterranean shoreline, considered today as a living fossil. The respect and love for it’s traditions makes of La Gomera a place for discovery. Only there you can know the “Silbo”, a singular language with which the gomerans solved the problems of the rugged terrain; traditional festivals and a unique cuisine with exclusive dishes such as the watercress soup, the “almogrote” or palm tree syrup.

From the ocean the island will surprise you with it’s virgin coves, it’s dolphins and whales, the virgin ocean beds and “Los Organos” cliff, an spectacular cliff of church organ-like tubes, a volcanic formation seen only twice on nature.