La Gomera is not only hiking, you will find plenty of activities for your trip

La Gomera has a beautiful landscape that is accessible to all, allowing for a variety of nature activities: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, scuba diving, fishing, etc.

You can also take advantage of organised activities and excursions with the various companies involved. Or do you just want to take a map and walk at your own pace? In that case, we recommend our page on hiking in Hermigua.

The island of La Gomera seen from the ocean

Find the cliffs of Los Órganos, take your first dive or take advantage of the fact that the Canary Islands are the ideal destination for whale watching. With a permanent colony in the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera, the responsible whale watching companies of the European Charter will guarantee you a unique and respectful experience.


Tina Tours or Speedy Gomera (2 boats from the same company) offer observation tours or excursions to Los Órganos. Departures are from Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey. They include a swim and food stop in trips of up to 4 hours. Reservations at our reception.



The diving company DIVE ART, with a long experience in diving and active tourism all over the world, offers first dives and dives for all levels in different areas of La Gomera.



If you are into some yoga (and who isn't), you have weekly group classes available at Casa Creativa in Hermigua. Monday / Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:00h. 15€/person. You can also request some private lessons. Contact: At reception or Jester (+34) 666 882 103.

Rent a mountain or electric bike

Choose between a mountain bike or an electric bike and start pedalling around the island at your own pace with this La Gomera Bike Hire. Rent this ecological means of transport and combine sport and tourism.

From 25€.

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Tina Tours or Speedy Gomera (2 boats of the same company) offer certified responsible whale watching tours. Departures from Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey. They include bathing and lunch on routes of up to 4 hours.
Price from 40€/person from VGR and 45€/person from Playa Santiago.

Add to your stay

Paddle-Surf at Playa Santiago

Are you passionate about water sports? Enjoy a very original plan by renting paddle surfing equipment in Playa Santiago and admire the island of La Gomera from a different perspective!

From 15€.

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Outdoors museum and wine tasting

Do not miss a visit to the Ethnographic Park (audioguide included) and round the experience up with the wine tasting pairing on the restaurant terrace.

Price: 15.00€/person  Online offer: 13,50€/person

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Kayak rental in Valle Gran Rey

Paddle along the stunning coastline of western La Gomera and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze renting a kayak in Valle Gran Rey.

From 15€

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Rent a boat

Make the most of your trip to La Gomerahire your own boat and cruise around the coast of the Canary island. You don’t even need a permit to enjoy this unforgettable activity!

Up to 5 persons from 20€/each.

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Hiking Tour on Garajonay National Park

Set off on a 3-hour hiking tour of Garajonay National Park, La Gomera’s most important natural reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an expert English-speaking guide.

From 69€/person.

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Visiting Rules of Garajonay National Park

Stay on the marked paths.

Do not disturb plants or animals.

Follow the directions of the Park Staff.

Neither camping nor bivouac are permitted.

Bicycles are allowed on the paved roads and most of the sand tracks, except those for which prohibition is strictly indicated. Bicycles are not allowed on the Park trails.

At recreational areas, it's forbidden to play football and other sports that could damage the natural grass.

Do not use appliances or strident noises at high volume. Listen to the sounds of nature and respect its silences. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the Park.

Do not throw away litter. It is appropriate that each one return with his own garbage. In any case use the litter bins properly to facilitate the collection of garbage.

Beware of fire. Do not smoke inside the forest or ignite BBQs or other cooking appliances except in recreational areas upgraded for this, when weather conditions permit.

Suites & Villas Los Telares

The best holiday homes on the North of La Gomera