On an island whose scenery never ceases to amaze, Garajonay National Park will take your breath away.

The plateau that covers the central area of La Gomera is most of the year covered with a blanket of fog that spills waterfall-like into the southern regions of the island. Protected by this magical blanket of clouds is an ever-green rainforest known as “Laurisilva”, formed by a multitude of plant and tree species.

The “Laurisilva” of La Gomera and its National Park is in fact one of the last relics of the forests that covered the coasts of the Mediterranean in the Tertiary Era and that disappeared with the glaciations of the Quaternary.

In order to protect this living example of what in Europe are now only fossils, Garajonay National Park was created in 1981. It covers a region of 3,984 hectares, 10% of the island’s surface. The different ecosystems that can be found in the Park are located between 800 and 1,500 meters above sea level.

The Laurel Rainforest (Laurisilva)

A Park, many forests

The laurel forest of the National Park, composed of a great variety of evergreen trees in an environment of constant humidity and temperatures throughout the year, is in fact a combination of different forests. It is in the humid north and most sheltered valleys that we find the lushest and most complex forest. This is the “Laurisilva de Valle” (Valley Laurel forest), a subtropical jungle. In the higher areas the forest loses the most delicate species and becomes the Mountain Laurisilva. In the southern areas the forest is mainly beech trees and giant heathers, species that better withstand dryness.

Visiting Garajonay National Park

Information Centers, guided routes and paths

"Juego de Bolas"

The National Park Visitors Center near the village of Las Rosas. It is a good idea to begin your visit from here in order to understand the particularities of the park. Hours: 9:30 to 16:30h.

Official App

Carry all Garajonay National Park info with the Official App (Android and iPhone)

What to wear

You will discover a wide contrast of temperatures and landscapes. Wear several thin layers of clothing (at least one rain-proofed), sun protection, good footwear and walking sticks.

Free guided tours (Spanish only)

The Park offers weekly guided tours in Spanish. There are few spots and you must use your own vehicle. Book here.

Accessing the Park

There is no barrier-controlled access neither for walkers or cars. Hikes and roads come and go freely (and cost-free) inside Garajonay National Park. Even so, environment-friendly behavior is encouraged.

Information at our Reception

Los Telares Reception is also an Official Information Desk of Garajonay, Maps and more here!