The 10 must-have experiences at Hermigua

Hermigua is one of the towns with more history of La Gomera. Its privileged location, with plentiful rainfall and ravines with water, made it the islands’ most flourishing village for centuries, something that can be appreciated in the earliest buildings in its historic quarter.

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Below, the Top 10 of Hermigua, a list of 10 experiences not to be missed in the visit to our apartments and our village:

Playa La Caleta

1. Lie in the sun on the black sand of the secluded beach of La Caleta. You, the ocean and the Teide

With its breathtaking views of the Teide and its location, off the tourist routes, La Caleta is a real discovery. There is nothing better than arriving on foot, the route that connects our apartments with La Caleta is in the page “Walk Hermigua”.

2. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Natural Pool of Hermigua, under the shadow of the impressive (and photogenic) columns of the old pier.

With easy foot access, the natural swimming pool is the secret of eternal youth. A dive into its crystal-clear waters heals everything from headaches to worries of all kinds. BTW, it was the chosen location for many scenes of the fantastic series The Foundation.

our lodgings

Stays with charm on La Gomera

fiesta party

3. Dance to the rhythm of the famous Gomeran bands in the popular open-air dances.

Any self-respecting Canarian knows that the best bands are those of La Gomera. If you are lucky enough to visit us during one of the popular festivals, you will probably discover that the calendar of festivals includes not one, but several days of popular dance in one of the squares, usually enlivened by 2 different bands. A mandatory stop!

El Cedro Parque Nacional de Garajonay

4. Let yourself be fascinated by the sounds of nature in the shadow of the ancient laurels of the rainforest of El Cedro.

A phrase that says it all. There are places that are reminders of nature as the greatest and most impressive power on Earth.

5. Go on pilgrimage along our paths: from El Convento to El Cedro, from the Ermita de San Juan to Los Aceviños, from El Curato to the Majona Massif, from the beach to San Lorenzo, etc...

A paradise for the walker, with routes for all difficulties and tastes. The landscapes cannot be more varied, and the reward is the unforgettable experience of discovering little by little the beauty of an unique place.

6. Taste the delicacies of the land in our restaurants, bars and terraces

No matter how tempting it may be to prepare food in the privacy of your own apartment, Hermigua’s bars and restaurants are an important part of any visit. Take this opportunity to talk to the people, enjoy the views and taste their wonderful homemade recipes.

7. Contemplate the sunrise and sunset from the shore, the Teide displays its best colors for those observing attentively.

The show that unfolds before our eyes is also accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack, the sound of the waves that break against the shore.

8. Enjoy indulging yourself or taking as a gift for your loved ones our crafts and local products.

No better memento of your holidays than a handmade product from La Gomera.

9. Discover the spirit and culture of the Gomero through the historical Convent of Santo Domingo, our museums and its religious festivals.

From the time of the coexistence with the aborigines, the culture that grew in La Gomera was one of survival and mixing of European and aboriginal customs and traditions. The mixture produced interesting cultural expressions, such as the dance of the drum (Baile del Tambor) and the jump of the shepherd (Salto del Pastor). La Gomera deserves to be recognized not only in its landscapes, but also in its history.

Hermigua La Gomera

10. Walk through the streets and neighborhoods of Hermigua with the camera ready for its 10 viewpoints, watchtowers over the valley with its living carpet of banana plantations and agricultural estates.

Farms, traditional farmhouses, stone paths, climbs rewarded with new perspectives… Hermigua has a lot to offer to those who patiently walk through it, step by step.