3. The Western Route

Hermigua - Agulo - Vallehermoso - Valle Gran Rey - Garajonay - Hermigua

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Hermigua is a rich agricultural valley with several houses along its basin. Don’t miss its Valle Alto (High Valley), with the Ethnographic Park and El Convento.

The Convento - Church of Santo Domingo (1515-1520)

The spiritual center of the neighborhood of the same name, only the temple is still owned by the Church, since the rest of the convent was sold and converted into housing. The area is worth a walk through its streets.

The Davit

Currently transformed into a natural pool, the impressive stone columns remain as a vestige of their purpose. If you feel inclined, a dip in the pool under their columns is an experience not to be missed.

The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera

An essential visit point in the village. A deep insight into the traditional culture and landscapes carved by man in the history of the island.

Where to eat

In the restaurant in the Ethnographic Park, just 200 m from our Los Telares Apartments. Locally sourced food, eclectic recipes and great ambience. Menu available online:

More info / menu

Agulo, founded in 1607, is known as the “bonbon” of La Gomera because of its beauty and shape. Its location between cliffs and like a balcony over the sea is impressive.

Walking route

Walking around Agulo is very easy with the panelled urban route to discover its hidden treasures.

The Visitors Center

Between Agulo and the Mirador de Abrante, we drive past the Garajonay National Park Visitors' Center. It shows you the characteristics of the Laurel Rainforest and the National Park.

Abrante Viewpoint

Passing Agulo and on the way to Vallehermoso we make a detour to discover the Abrante Viewpoint. A photo on its glass footbridge is a must.

Where to eat

In the middle of the Agulo route, the Tasca Las Cruces offers tapas and rations with high-quality ingredients.

Vallehermoso was a flourishing cultural hub at the beginning of the 20th Century. Now it is a quiet village surrounded by mountains and in the shadow of Roque Cano, the largest on the island.

The Main Square

Gathered around its main square, we can walk through its streets to discover the church and traditional buildings.


The visit to Vallehermoso continues on the way to Garajonay, through the Macayo ravine dotted with cozy houses and palm trees.

Where to eat

Tasca El Carraca or Bodegón Agana, we wouldn't know which we recommend more. Yummy!

On the last section to Valle Gran Rey we pass through Arure. Traditionally a lordship, the existing social structure favoured the creation of a ruling class that exploited a very impoverished population. The first settlement of Arure was in fact an aboriginal one, in the Asomada de las Cuevas.

Mirador del Santo (Viewpoint)

Probably the most surprising and unmissable views of La Gomera.

Where to eat

Casa Conchita is one of the classics on the island. Good prices and menus.

Valle Gran Rey was home to the district of Orone, the most populated and important in La Gomera. That is why Valle Gran Rey refers to the most important “king” of the island. It is also an eminently touristic centre, and is the starting point for whale watching boat trips.

Beach of El Inglés

Traditionally a lonely and nudist beach, it has gained quite popularity among visitors.

Vueltas Seaport

The fishing port of Valle Gran Rey, is also the starting point for the Whale Watching routes. Book from our reception!

Charco del Conde and La Condesa

Between the area of La Calera and Vueltas are the pools where the Counts of La Gomera used to bathe.

Where to eat

The restaurant Abisinia is located in a narrow pedestrian street. Its terrace oozes charm, and its cuisine offers good dishes at a good price.

Kayak rental in Valle Gran Rey

Paddle along the stunning coastline of western La Gomera and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze renting a kayak in Valle Gran Rey.

From 15€

Info + book


Tina Tours or Speedy Gomera (2 boats of the same company) offer certified responsible whale watching tours. Departures from Playa Santiago and Valle Gran Rey. They include bathing and lunch on routes of up to 4 hours.
Price from 40€/person from VGR and 45€/person from Playa Santiago.

Add to your stay

We returned by a shortcut that is not often used and that is well known to the visitor. It connects the Laguna Grande area with the Garajonay National Park Visitor’s Center. We recommend using it on the way back to avoid meeting other vehicles. The road is narrow and requires some attention while driving. But it is well worth it.

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