Hiking routes to discover Hermigua step by step

A landscape that allowed the creation and use of the Silbo and the Salto del Pastor, is obviously not easy to walk. But it is precisely this challenge that makes La Gomera so attractive to walk along its paths and routes.

Closing your apartment’s door and starting the trek of the day without bothering with busses, cars or taxis is a rare luxury. Here is a list of the circular routes that you can make departing from our door and that will allow you to discover Hermigua and it’s surroundings step by step. All technical files have handy Google Maps files to download.

La Gomera Hermigua

Hermigua - El Serrillal - La Bica - Juego de Bolas - El Roquillo - Agulo - Lepe - Hermigua

Distance: 15,24 Km. Ascent: 838 m. Descend: 1.031 m. Time: 5:26h.
Enter this route from the street Callejón de Ordaiz, near the bar Don Juan. A route for those not afraid of heights. After the hike up the valley, you will be able to visit Juego de Bolas, Garajonay National Park Visitor's Center, the village of Agulo and the lovely settlement of Lepe.

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El Cedro Parque Nacional de Garajonay

Hermigua (Los Tiles) - EL Cedro - Ermita Lourdes - La Meseta - Hermigua (El Rejo)

Distance: 9,37 Km. Ascent: 661 m. Descend: 624 m. Time: 3:21h.
Don't dare miss El Cedro Forest, the heart of Garajonay National Park. The begining of the route can be modified by going up from the Square Victoria Darias. You will see the sign for the way up to El Cedro - Contadero - Alto de Garajonay that will allow you to go directly to the 2nd part of the route.

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Hike #18

Hermigua - Los Álamos - Las Poyatas - Hermigua

Distance: 5,08 Km. Ascent: 354 m. Descend: 243 m. Time: 1:49h.
A route that, departing from our apartments, goes by the area of Las Nuevitas and climbs the mountains you see in front of your apartment. It returns in the area of Las Casas, 200 meters down the road from the PEG Los Telares and scarcely 400 meters away from our apartments. To go to the starting point, walk down the main road to the church of La Encarnación (yellow church down the valley). When coming back you can enjoy your rest with a cold drink and something to eat at our Restaurant Los Telares.

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Hike #30

Hermigua (Beach) - Moralito - El Palmar - La Caleta - Hermigua (Beach)

Distance: 10,24 Km. Ascent: 563 m. Descend: 432 m. Time: 3:40h.
This trek is a bit more complex, longer and with some nice slopes. It is totally worth the try, as it includes hidden areas of our shore and amazing views. To get to the starting point you will have to go the neighbour of Los Pedacitos (walking down the main road and taking the road towards Lepe / La Playa / Pescante. The small path that climbs the mountain to the starting point (blue on the map) is signaled as "La Caleta". On the way back you can skip it by following the road, it will leave you on a higher point and headed to our apartments.

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Hike #15

Hermigua (El Estanquillo) - El Cedro - Ermita - Las Mimbreras - Pista Don Mario- El Corralete - Hermigua (El Estanquillo)

Distance: 14,21 Km. Ascent: 907 m. Descend: 907 m. Time: 5:04h.
Very similar to the previous route going through El Cedro, this 5-hours-long circular trek offers an amazing range of landscapes and amazing views over Hermigua.

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Hiking Poles

We hand you the tools you need

From our Reception we have hiking poles to rent to our guests.

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