How to get to Villa Delfines

We give you step by step directions to our house from the moment you arrive in the area of Lepe.

Route map

  1. Park your car in one of the public parking spaces available on the street (click here for Google Maps location of the parking spaces).
  2. Take the first visible pedestrian street on the right.
  3. At the first crossroads, continue straight on for a few more metres.
  4. After the first house you will see the facade of Villa Delfines on your left hand side.
  5. With the details received, use the indicated box and the key to get your keys and open your apartment.

1. Parking

There are public parking spaces for your car at the roadside, on the left-hand side of the road. We recommend parking in the upper parking spaces, as close to the pedestrian street as possible.

2. Pedestrian street on the right hand side

Cross the road and go slightly uphill to enter the pedestrian street.

3. Straight on

At the first corner, continue straight ahead on the pedestrian street.

4. The house facade

You have arrived at Villa Delfines. Next to the main door you will see the safe boxes containing the keys.

How to open the box (Step 1)

Find in the notification we have sent you the letter of the box that corresponds and its combination of 4 numbers.

How to open the box (Step 2)

After setting the combination, lower the lever on the left and (while keeping it down), with the right hand, open the hatch (downwards).

The keys

Once you have your keys, please close the box again and undo the combination.


On the day of your check-out you can leave the keys back in the same box.

See information Dossier

Welcome to our Villa Delfines!

We hope you were able to get to the house and your flat without any problems. If you have any questions or queries, we are at your disposal by phone or whatsapp at any time.

Tel / WhatsApp: +34 922 880 781