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Suites & Villas Los Telares, more than 50 years in La Gomera

Immerse in the natural beauty of this Canarian island as you enjoy an authentic and relaxing experience in our rural lodgings. In the picturesque North of La Gomera island, we offer you the opportunity to escape the bustle of everyday life and enjoy serene and charming surroundings.

Our rural lodgings have been carefully designed. Enjoy comfort and privacy will staying in contact with the surrounding nature. From welcoming houses to lovely studios with panoramic views, you will find the perfect refuge to disconnect and recharge your batteries.

Looking for a romantic getaway, family holidays or a relaxing solo time, our lodgings have the ideal ambience to enjoy the authenticity of La Gomera. Discover the richness of its wild landscapes, explore fascinating hikes and let yourself be captivated by the local culture.

In our website you will find detailed information about each of our lodgings, but also about nearby attractions and activities to make the most out of your stay on La Gomera. Get ready for an unforgettable time of relax and connection with the nature!

Suites Los Telares

Apartments complex with pool and restaurant

Our serviced rural apartments complex by the Hermigua Convent. Your best choice if you intend to trekk without taking your car, enjoy our best services or refresh in our pool. Ideal for weekend breaks, for digital nomads or remoter workers, for those wishing to avoid any cooking and for parties of 4 or more. Sustainable tourism in our apartments with charm, views, restaurant and swimming pool on La Gomera.


A paradise by the ocean

In the small Lepe neighbourhood, surrounded by trees and oceanfront views. A 2-stories home divided into charming 1 or 2-bedroom apartments. Designed for comfort and relaxation. Enjoy a singular experience in our home, one of the most special hideouts of La Gomera. Ideal for anyone looking for a hidden gem with great features.

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Calma Suites in Agulo center

Our newly established rental apartments located in Agulo village center. Comfortable and modern stays in 1-bedroom apartments with capacity for 2 guests. Individual routers 40Mbs. Ideal for longer stays and for digital nomads or those who need to stay connected.

Calma Suites award la gomera
Casa El Patio

Budget studios in a traditional patio

Our traditional gomeran house, in the heart of the Santo Domingo Convent. A few meters from our apartments Los Telares, and at the starting point of the footpath that connects with El Cedro and the Summit of Garajonay National Park. Close to the bus line stop, the Ethnographic Park of La Gomera, supermarkets… Enjoy at your leisure an authentic experience around a gomeran courtyard or “Patio”, this is your best choice. Rustic simplicity for tight budgets.

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Villa Delfines (adults only)

The best choice for those traveling with their couple and wishing to enjoy a relaxing stay in front of the ocean and far from everything. The Villa Delfines, divided in 2 duplex apartaments, has a shared garden with barbecue and amazing independent terraces. Router with 40Mbs per apartment. It is essential to have a car. A waterfront villa for your most romantic vacation. For adults only.

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Villa Aloe with ocean views

If you travel with friends or family this is your ideal choice. The garden is great for barbecues, relaxing days, and to enjoy outdoors. Private parking, Smart TV, laundry facilities, fully-equipped kitchen and a few minutes from the natural swimming pool and the most popular shops, supermarkets and restaurants in Hermigua. 2 bedrooms. Capacity for 4 guests. Optic fiber connection of 400Mbs. A stylish holiday with the best views of the Teide.

Museum Ethnographic Park of La Gomera

The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera

In the heart of Hermigua, a few meters from our complex Los Telares or Casa El Patio, an exceptional place to enjoy and learn about the History of Humankind in La Gomera.

The restaurant

Flavours of La Gomera in our restaurant Los Telares

Enjoy our lovely terrace and à la carte restaurant a few steps away from our apartments Los Telares, by the Convent of Hermigua and at the shade of the Rocks Pedro and Petra.

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Sustainability and history

About us

Our company is part of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Garajonay National Park. Do you want to know more about what inspires us? Have a look at our history and our sustainability policy.

La Gomera

The island with a green heart

With 50 years in La Gomera, we thoroughly know your holiday destination. Discover here everything you need to know for your stay on the island.

Sustainable Travel

"Plantate" project

We are recovering the thermophilic forest (300-750m height) in deteriorated landscapes of La Gomera with your help. This is how we transform CO2 into oxygen and invest locally.

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Where are you traveling from? Our calculator allows you to find out how much is your trip's Carbon footprint.


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