Welcome to Eden Gomera Suites!


On behalf of all the people that work and are part of Eden Gomera Suites, we welcome you to La Gomera and specially to our house, wishing you a pleasant stay.

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Connect your devices to the network with the password Love-Eden-2023

Contact us

We are available 24h for questions, requests and queries on +34 922 880 781 (also WhatsApp).

Silence, please

Silent hours are from 22:00 to 9:00h.


It is forbidden to smoke or vape anywhere in our lodging.

Do not feed the cats

Please, do not feed or allow cats to enter inside.

Checking out 11:00h

Please, observe the latest checkout time. If you wish to stay until later, please contact us in advance. Extra charge may apply.

Your apartment

Stays of 7 or more days include a weekly cleaning. If you wish to have additional cleaning services, please ask.

Laundry area

Please do not use the washer or dryer in silent hours. Tools shall be returned to their place after use.

Books and games

Are available inside the cupboard on the entrance hallway.

Hydric Emergency at La Gomera

Help us save water!

La Gomera is affected by an intense drought and is facing a season of water supply cuts. We would therefore appreciate it if you would follow this water saving tips:

In the bathroom:

Turn off the tap when applying soap and brushing your teeth. Take showers of less than 5 minutes. Reuse towels. Don't use the toilet as a waste bin.

In the kitchen:

If you have one, use the washing machine and dishwasher making the most of their load capacity. Inform us of any water leaks you find so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

Tripadvisor travelers choice restaurant los telares gomera
The restaurant

Flavours of La Gomera in our restaurant Los Telares

Enjoy our lovely terrace and à la carte restaurant a few steps away from our apartments Los Telares, by the Convent of Hermigua and at the shade of the Rocks Pedro and Petra.

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The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera

Traditional farm, museum, mill, gourmet and handicrafts shop.

Visit an ecologic orchard, banana plantation and ethnographic exhibit. Visits with audioguide for 4,95€/person. VIP option with wine tasting for 15,00€ (14,00€ if booked at the website). Visit includes audioguide and access to our immersive experiencies and exclusive multimedia contents. Or simply do some shopping on our handicrafts and local gourmet shop!

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Sustainable Travel

"Plantate" project

We are recovering the thermophilic forest (300-750m height) in deteriorated landscapes of La Gomera with your help. This is how we transform CO2 into oxygen and invest locally.

Your Carbon Footprint

Where are you traveling from? Our calculator allows you to find out how much is your trip's Carbon footprint.


We turn CO2 into Oxigen

And with the Calculator you will find exactly how much you should donate to compensate your flights CO2 footprint.

Whats around?

Where to park, nearest gas station or supermarket... Check this map!

Maps and guides

A brief introduction to the island. History, culture, the National Park and the main towns.


Includes routes inside and outside the Garajonay National Park. There is also a number of recommended routes for cyclists.


All you need to know about Hermigua (shops, restaurants, interesting points...)


Garajonay National Park

Information Centers, applicable regulation, recommendations, guided routes and paths.

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Museums and culture

Learn about the history and culture of La Gomera on the museums located all around the island. Worth your while!

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We have handpicked our favorite joints.

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Hike around Hermigua

A list of the circular routes that you can make departing from your door.

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Whalewatching, yoga, wine tasting, diving… Fill up your trip with interesting experiences!

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Bus lines

Check the timetables for all the buses on La Gomera.

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Sightseeing by car

Our 3 proposed routes allows you to discover a nice bit of La Gomera. With Garajonay National Park points of interest included!

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Visiting Rules of Garajonay National Park

Stay on the marked paths.

Do not disturb plants or animals.

Follow the directions of the Park Staff.

Neither camping nor bivouac are permitted.

Bicycles are allowed on the paved roads and most of the sand tracks, except those for which prohibition is strictly indicated. Bicycles are not allowed on the Park trails.

At recreational areas, it's forbidden to play football and other sports that could damage the natural grass.

Do not use appliances or strident noises at high volume. Listen to the sounds of nature and respect its silences. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the Park.

Do not throw away litter. It is appropriate that each one return with his own garbage. In any case use the litter bins properly to facilitate the collection of garbage.

Beware of fire. Do not smoke inside the forest or ignite BBQs or other cooking appliances except in recreational areas upgraded for this, when weather conditions permit.